April 14, 2010

Yes, I'm a Gleek...how about you?

Greetings...I know...more than 1 post in a month...must be something wrong...actually no, just killing some time while Austin gets ready to take his Math chapter test...ahhh. Trying to keep on top of things a little better...trying...anyway.

So did you watch Glee last night??? I have been sooooo anticipating the return of my new favorite TV show...and for me to call a TV show a fav, there must be something to it because it takes a lot to keep me glued to that thing. I know this is going to come as a shock then, but I inevitably have NOT watched the new episode...yet. I honestly thought it was on today (Wednesday) so I forgot they moved it to Tuesday....but luckily one of the greatest inventions made by man (the DVR) recorded it for me so my evening tonight will be stuck glued to the TV in sheer laughter and song! So no one give it away for me...though I did download the preview on my iPod a couple days ago....hilarious....and can't wait to watch it tonight....along with a little Ghost Hunter action....ahhhh!

I'm again glad for the DVR cause I had a hugely long and difficult meeting last night so I just didn't have it in me to watch anything but my eyelids, but tonight....watch out....the TV is MINE!!!

On other interesting things....I took an over 3 mile speed walk around Lake Park (it's a lake about a 7 minute drive from our house) Monday night. Colton had a tour with his Cub Scout pack at the museum in Roscoe so I took advantage of it and dropped him off there and went walking around the lake. Wow....how I have missed doing that....I used to do it all the time in my 20s, but after the kids came along it was tough...but anyway it was so nice to get out in the spring air and just jog and walk around....took me every bit of the hour to speed walk that 3 miles but hopefully in time it will get better. It just really felt good to exercise and my exercise has been a lot of hit and miss lately, but hoping that now that the weather is getting warmer that it will be more of a hit!

Oh and now that Easter is over (by the way I LOVE Easter) I have been able to use my iPod again....yes I gave it up for Lent. It was like getting a new toy again...I've been playing that thing like I just got it for Christmas....man I missed my iPod, but I'm glad I gave it up...I needed to.

Well I'm going to get off here...going to surf the net (if my stupid flaky computer will let me) and look up stuff for vacation...if anyone has any tidbits or advice on Asheville North Carolina drop me a line....I think that is where we are planning on going on one of our vacations this year....God just seems to be speaking to us about that area...we are going to check it out.

Have a gleek week! Love ya all!

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