January 29, 2010

Today I am...

...helping oldest with his first research paper...UGGHH!

...fighting a headache and my back and hip being out of place.

...organizing my bookmarked scrapbooking sites...too many of them and some of them just have to go...all a part of my year of organizing!

...looking through the Signature Homestyles catalog trying to see what I want to order. Another attempt at my year of organization!

...FREEZING!!! It's stinkin' cold in Ohio today.

...trying to be obedient and not eat too much sugar today since I kind of went a bit overboard with some tapioca pudding and a couple peanut butter cookies yesterday.

...wishing I was having another therapy lunch with my friend JoAnn...I love our new friendship and our bi-weekly therapy lunches!

...now finished with the February Church calendar! Woo-hoo!

...looking forward to a night in with my family...our usual Friday night ritual of movies. On tonights menu...Ice Age: The Meltdown and maybe No Greater Love for hubby and I later.

...tired and hoping that I can relax a bit tonight.

...going to be picking up my boys soon from school.

...despite my headache and feeling drained today, I am thankful for my God and Savior that gets me through each and every day!

...thankful for my wonderful family and friends.

What are you up to today??

On this note I leave you with a random (and maybe distrubing photo). I found this snowman in my yard after coming home from grocery shopping a couple weeks ago....I'm thinking maybe my boys have humungous imaginations or maybe they just need therapy. What do you think??? The Jedi Council may just be looking these boys up someday...LOL!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Hi Tammy!
So nice to hear form you via the blog world. I didn't realize you had been sick..or fasting but I can totally believe you fell much better now. I hope you stay on the straight and narrow..:) Mu hubby has been really sick for several years and I have adjusted my diet to match somewhat the thing she has to eat and I am So much healthier and feel so much better now myself. Amazing the crap we as a nation eat and call yummy. Well happy new Year to you and yours and thanks for stopping by the blog. good to touch base again. Hey, are you on Face book? look me up.