April 23, 2007

So much to talk about....

So much to talk about since I was last on here...where to start...hmm..this may be like another one of my rambling posts so forgive me...

Well...went to a play on Friday night with my neighbors...met my neighbor's co-worker...he was really good in the play...impressed.

Saturday...had to clean my bathroom carpet because one of the girls had a little accident Friday night...so when I drag out my carpet machine I usually do as much as I can on a full tank of "cleaner". So I did my bathroom, the chairs in the dining room (which were going to get done next month anyway since the girls will be gone), and my back porch. I even had the boys helping me Saturday with my "spring cleaning" and they actually helped out cleaning the back porch for me, washing windows, cleaning walls...it tickled my heart and we were actually having a good time...it was nice. I also pulled weeds and mulched my back garden...by evening I was whipped.

Also my very good friend (we've been friends since 6th grade) came to visit for a couple hours on Saturday. It was nice.

Traveled to see Pastor Dean and Rachel and Pastor Lisa on Sunday at their church. It was so nice to see them again...and not only that, they invited me to sing on their praise team. It was like old times and though I don't think I did them any justice (they tend to sing a little low for me), I SOOO enjoyed doing it...and I know God smiled cause I was making a joyful noise anyway. They had a missionary speaking at their church and they were so awesome. My hubby was even moved to tears, which I won't even go on that dynamic...but they were really good...they are missionaries to the Indian Reservations in Arizona. Then we had a nice international lunch at the church and then went to a park to visit so the kids could play and we wouldn't get interrupted while we visited...was a great time.

Got home in enough time to go to my Praise Team practice...and I'll be honest....after traveling I really didn't want to go to practice...I was so tired and had a slight headache to boot, but I went...I was 15 minutes late, but I was there...and it was a good thing cause it was just Joann, Michelle and myself. And we practiced anyway and you could just feel the spirit of God while we practiced...it sounded so great (not that I'm bragging about myself...please), but it really did sound good. I was uplifted and I left with a smile on my face and I wasn't quite as tired.

Today I watched the girls of course and got my laundry done and got dinner and fed the kids and had the dishes washed before my 6:00 meeting...I was boogying. Right now I'm trying to get some e-Bay done so I can get some $$ for Disney (taking a break at the moment of course) and hoping to get a church calendar started, some minutes from my meetings typed up...we'll see how it goes.

My baby gets signed up for kindergarten tomorrow ....can't believe this is finally here...wow...also I'll probably sign him up for Safety City tomorrow too...it's a week long thing that teaches kids about dialing 911, stranger danger, fire safety, gun safety and respecting street signs, crossing the street properly...my other two boys went through it...can't believe that it's Colton's turn...suddenly I'm really starting to feel old.

Got our dinner reservations made for Disney....YIPEEE.

Well I better get back to work...

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Jada's Gigi said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! and Disney plans are coming along...Yea!