April 18, 2007

Life today...Randomness

Here I am...hubby is back to work after a week's vacation (much needed for him),
The guy who is taking over the supervisor job at the P.O. passed his test!! One step closer of getting hubby out of that position and back to normalcy..somewhat.
Brennie is away today on a field trip with his class to the zoo

Still cold here in Ohio...we did have maybe an hour of warm sunshine yesterday though...it was nice...would like to see more of it!

Will be heading here on Friday to see a play that my neighbor's co-worker is in about Mark Twain and Teddy Roosevelt.

Here is one of the layouts I made after my No Scrapbooking fast:

Will hopefully be heading to Columbus this weekend to visit our old Pastor and his wife. They are preparing to leave the church they are at now and looks like they may be heading even further away so we thought we would visit before God leads them in a new direction.
Just a comment....there is such a difference between girls and boys...and I don't mean the obvious. Enough said.
Currently my boys are carrying grades of all A's and one B...so stinkin proud of them...especially with Brennan since he's been struggling so much...so stinkin' proud!
Still trying to figure out restaurants to go to for our trip...hopefully get hubby to work with me on that tonight.
So I have been half watching Idol...still...if you have been reduced to watching this awful season as well and actually watched Tuesday night...who do you think is going home?? Still hoping Sanjaya goes, but wouldn't be upset if Chris goes home too. Heard a little of LaKisha's and wasn't impressed with what little I heard...IMO she made the ultimate AI mistake...singing a song by a winning AI contestant...you just don't do that...you're only setting yourself up for disaster.
I am so blessed to have what I have...though there may be struggles and things that even I can't control (can we REALLY control anything anyway??)...I am blessed...hard working hubby, great boys, a home, gifts that God has given me. He is so good to me!
Taht enough randomness for now. Have a great week!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Yes, we are so blessed! and no we can't really control much of anything..we just fool ourselves into thinking we can..:)
Good for your boys and their grades! its hard to maintain those...have fun scrapping..:)