April 4, 2007

It's difficult in the valley...

Sometimes life comes at you and you just wonder why and how and all those questions. I usually try to keep things here light and I try to point to the good things. I hate making this a place to dump all my junk but sometimes it's theraputic to "write" things out...maybe in writing out the "junk" it will help find the sunshine.

Lots of things going on right now....my heart is heavy...I'm physically tired...emotionally tired too.

Hubby's situation at work hasn't gotten any better. Still working lots of hours and only getting paid for 8-10 hours tops...it's been hard. I just like having my family all together, especially for dinner time...now if we do that it's only maybe on Sunday's. Hubby has been stressed, I've been stressed. We've both been a little tempermental with each other even though we aren't trying to direct it AT each other...it's hard. It's much easier raising kids as a team than on your own and it feels like it's been that way for a while. God bless single momma's! They deserve a lot of respect for doing things on their own.

My middle son Brennan has developed some tics over the last month...he does this weird thing with his neck and sniffs his hands a lot...we have an appointment next week with the doctor...I'm worried of course. I know it's all in God's hands and He is in control. It's just that this little guy has been through so much in his life...he always seems to be the one that struggles the most, has the most obstacles and just seems to get the short end of the stick and as a momma it breaks my heart. I'm afraid of him becoming self conscious of himself and others picking on him...he's such a sweet little boy and I know God has a plan for him just the way he is...after all Moses stuttered and he did great things! But I am just a concerned and worried Momma...it breaks my heart. If you find a few minutes please pray for my little guy.

My other two boys are starting to come down with colds. Hoping they aren't sick for Easter.

It seems like things are all piling up at once, people needing me to do this or that...I really should be doing other things in fact than being on here, but if I don't let this out I'm not sure what I'll do. Just have to vent it out.

Thanks for being my sounding board, my soft place to fall.


Amber Nichole said...

i am saying a prayer for you and your family tonight. hard times are never easy...and never "deserved". wishing you some peace.

Jada's Gigi said...

praying for you and your family...I wrote a long comment yesterday but blogger freaked out and wouldn't post it.
Hang in there and I surely do hope your hubby gets some time off next week..sounds like you all could use it!
Looking forward to hearing about the possible vaca coming up...exciting! :)