April 25, 2007

He's Ready...

Can't believe this time is finally here...signed up my baby for kindergarten last night...he was SSSOOO excited...he actually thought that he was starting school and couldn't wait to get to the school....of course with his "Here I am" attitude. (grin)

Of course he was all excited about school until Brennan burst his bubble and told him he had to get shots before he started school...of course he's NOT excited about that...but he will be getting his shots May 8th...and I'm sure he'll be fine.

As each day goes by right now I feel like my babies are slowly slipping through my hands and first of all I thank God for blessing me with these little bundles of energy...I wouldn't change it for the world. I know there are days, but when I think about the whole package...it's really all worth it. Yet, it's sad...they are not meant to be here forever I know...(which is a good AND bad thing)...they are only here for me "teach them the way they should go" and then allow them to take what was taught them and make a life of their own. So I will cherish the moments I have on this journey...through memories, through my scrapbooks, through my journals...and hold them in my heart always.

May you take a moment today to cherish the life God has blessed you with.

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Jada's Gigi said...

Amen to the swiftness of it all...time does fly by..I miss my little ones and the days spent with them under my wing...but I like the adults they have grown into...and don't be deceived...they never stop needing their mommies...:) Plus I don't mind having some fun on my own without them tagging along in everything either..lol :)