April 8, 2007

I'm Dreaming Of A White....Easter??

Yes folks...I woke up this morning to a white Easter...snow was on the ground. So much for spring I guess. I always say God has a sense of humor...I think it was just God's way of reminding us how with the death and resurrection of our Lord and the sacrifice He made for us...if we accept Him as our Savior, He will make us white as snow. Interesting how God tries to get His point across though isn't it??
Hope you have had a happy Easter...our family just took advantage of some relaxing, naps, and just enjoying each other...and I even got to scrapbook a little today!! HOORAY!!
Many blessings to you!

1 comment:

Jada's Gigi said...

Well it sounds like a relaxing day anyway..:) hope everyone is feeling better and spring is back in the forecast. :)