April 14, 2007

It's Official!!!

Guess where we are heading the end of next month?? It's official....rooms are booked...air travel has been made...unfortunately we have to fly out of Pittsburgh instead of our usual airport, but for a savings of $ 500.00 we'll drive to Pittsburgh! I'm pretty excited...kids are pumped because we are going during this:

They are so excited about seeing the Star Wars characters and all...I'm happy just for them. Daddy I think will be happier once he gets there...the idea of plunking down that kind of $$$ always makes him sweat a bit, but I think once he's there and sees the fun his boys are having he'll consider it all worth it...hopefully ;-)

Today we went to the library and saw this...our local library bought a liscense so they can show movies...so once a month on a Saturday morning they show a family movie...for free, complete with snacks even. Great way to have a family day all together without spending lots of $$...and I'm all for family opportunities without the pricetag! (We can save that money for Disney). Charlotte's Web is such a timeless, great movie. This new version is just as great I think. I remember when I was a teenager and my little brother (there's 16 years between us) used to watch the animated version of this movie over and over and over. Him being the tough guy now would probably be embarrassed to know that I said this all over the internet, but hey what are big sis's for anyway...sorry Luke!

Went and had dinner last night saw this with the neighbors...HILARIOUS!! I laughed most of the movie...hubby especially liked the credits with Ty from Extreme Makeover...Dad, I don't know if you've seen this movie yet, but this is one that has your kind of humor in it...I think you'd like it. This movie just had me in stitches...it's been a while that a movie has made me laugh this much...saw another movie from our Netflix called The Illusionist...recommended by my sister and Netflix gave it a gold star rating...unfortantely I wasn't as impressed...pretty predictable to me and the movie moved kind of slow...that's all I'm going to say in case you haven't seen it yet. Just goes to show you that we all like different things (or that I shouldn't take my sis's advice for movies...just kidding sis ;-) )

Well I think I'm just going to finish up on some laundry and kind of take it easy and maybe play with the boys...too cold and rainy to do much else. Have a great day!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Wow! Disney again! You'll have a blast I know! The end of May is not a bad time to go either...could be kinda hot but not as crowded as spring break and definitely as hot as summer. it'll be so much fun! wish i could get down there during that time...we could hook up for Starbucks..:) my son lives in Orlando...:)