March 1, 2007


So...another week...this week has been a busy one...babysitting, grocery shopping, trying to get the boys birthday party planned on my own (I hate planning parties...that's hubby's thing), I have to sing the solo at church on Sunday...still trying to find music for that...have to also teach Junior Church Sunday so trying to prepare the lesson for just trying to maintain the everyday...busy, busy, busy. See me in my superhero suit...I'm multitask queen this week ;-)

So since my brain is pretty fried this week...I shall annoy you with my rambling...

Boy's party is Saturday...STAR WARS is the theme of course...had a hard time finding Star Wars themed stuff...I got a few things, but nothing great. I'll probably decorate with their plethera of Star Wars figures and stuff.

Got my new cell phone's nice. I like it. Got a new LG VX8300...nothing fancy but this one does come with a old one didn't have one. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't have very nice ringtones for it...most are annoying...but of course I can download ringtones for $ 2.99 a piece...ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! So ridiculous. I may get one or two I suppose only because the ringtones are THAT annoying...(there is a really cute one from Chris Tomlin where he says "Forever your phone is ringing...forever...and ever...and ever." May have to have that one.) But honestly what a rip off. That's where they get ya...of course I guess I shouldn't complain since the phones cost us nothing with hubby being with the Postal Service.

So how about AI tonight?? I am still not overly impressed with the guys...the girls still rule in my opinion. My top guys are thus far Chris R., Chris S., and I thought Blake was different and brought a different element to the competition. The women were far better and I am still impressed with Melinda (she was great!), Lakisha, and Stephanie. As far as those that went home tonight...I wasn't surprised about Nick going home, but I was a little surprised about AJ. Though I didn't think he'd win it I was surprised Sanjaya made it through. He just seems a bit young for this competition. I wasn't surprised about the girls Alaina and Leslie getting voted off. I predict that Antonella will be next to go and unless Sanjaya really kicks it up...I predict he'll be gone next as well.

Should hopefully get my movie If Only tomorrow...can't wait...I really liked this movie...If you couldn't tell already.

Well I am tired...may have to go out of town tomorrow...need some rest. If I don't get back here...have a super weekend!

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Jada's Gigi said...

I missed AI last nite..but I am surprised that Sanjaya is still around...too sweet, too young...Hope your weekend is fun and the party goes great! I love parties and the planning is fun! lol