March 7, 2007

More of the blasted white stuff...

Yes...while others are claiming to see spring flowers...I woke up this morning to about an inch of snow...SPRING WHERE ART THOU?!?!? Needless to say, boys are home from school because of the snow...driving me nuts fighting over the Playstation as usual...It's going to be an interesting day....

Just a little blurb about AI...So BORED by the guys...There wasn't one that totally Wowed me, Chris Sligh and Blake were the only ones I would have even given the priviledge to move on. The girls are owning this season in my opinion...and if a guy wins this competition, then it's obviously rigged. So, I was watching the news today and there is apparently some controversy (When isn't there with AI...I think in many ways they do that on purpose) I guess there is something about Antonella Barba having "questionable" pics on the internet of herself. Supposedly there was another contestant from a past season who was booted off AI for the same reason and the question is out there about whether or not Antonella will get the boot...what do you think...should she get booted for these pics or be allowed to stay?? I know my opinion, but would love to hear yours.
On a final note....have you ever had someone question you about how you worship, and if it is truly genuine?? Kind of ran up against that this weekend...was directed at a group of us, which things like that always make we question my worship...which I hate because when it comes to music that IS how I worship. I may joke around and be the one to lighten things up a bit, but when it gets to the brass tacks...I love to worship the Lord through music. Again, not sure if the comment was meant for me, but I wish people would just have the guts to pull that one person aside and question them instead of directing it to a whole my opinion it just makes everyone feel that they are doing something wrong. Maybe I'm just being sensitive, but it really bothers me when people question how I worship. To me that's between myself and I wrong??
Hope you are having a good (minus any snow) day :-)

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