March 22, 2007

I think Spring is here...

Dare I say it I think spring has arrived...yesterday the kids were out to nice...but part of my family and extended family are dealing with colds, flu or allergies. Austin, Brennan and I have the allergy part, daddy I think is catching the flu or a cold, Alexis (one of the twins I babysit) has an upper respiratory infection...yes spring is here...

Despite all's nice to see spring arrive. Saw buds on my new lilac bush that I planted last year...when I get a chance I'll take a picture. Today the weather is rainy, gloomy and very windy. Better than snow I say.

Man I am really struggling with this scrapbooking thing now. I so want to get in my craft room, but am still being a good girl. I have so many ideas. I guess this makes up for all those times I would just sit at my craft desk wondering what to do. That shouldn't happen for a while.

Working around the house today...have a TON of work to do tonight....have church board minutes I really should get typed up and my eBay auctions to square away...LOTS to do.

So how about American Idol...did you watch the results?? I have to admit this is where the show starts getting lame and makes it hard to watch. Especially this season since Melinda and LaKisha are in a far better league than the rest of them. Was VERY surprised by the results show though...not that I didn't think Stephanie would go home eventually, but not this soon and definitely not ahead of Sanjaya and Haley...IMO Haley and Sanjaya were my two picks to be in the bottom 2. Just goes to show ya I guess. And how are Sanjaya and Haley staying in this competition as long as they are??? Just my opinions of course. On to other opinions...Simon always goes on to say that AI is a singing competition...he's a is so much more than that. You can't just walk up to a microphone and sing...even if you have the most awesome have to PERFORM as well. That is why I think Taylor won last year...he could definitely perform. If it was just walking up to a mike and singing I would maybe give it a shot (not that I think I;m that good...please!), but I know I have trouble performing i nfront of others...I freeze to a degree. If you plan to be a singer you have to BRING IT...some of these folks this year act as if they could care less if they made it or not...kind of like Brandon last week. Sorry...I'll get off my soap box now.

Can you tell hubby has been busy at work a lot this week...not a lot of adult conversation going on here.... (hee-hee) Thanks for letting me ramble with's nice to talk to adults even if it is in cyber space.

Hoping that you are having a great week and that God sends a special "breeze" your way today.

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Jada's Gigi said...

So glad spring is coming your'll get past the sinus woes, right? :) As for scrap booking...remember absence makes the heart grow will have so much fun when you get back to it!!
on the AI thing...This season seems weird to me, is the show running its course at last???...I have heard that Howard Stern has a campaign on to keep Sanjaya on...sounds like its working...Stephanie was a surprise though..hey did you realize that the theme song this year...about going home i think..its Chris Daughtry?? Go Chris!! I'm not following as closely as I usually do...have a great weekend...hope your spring weather continues..:)