February 23, 2007

Love Will Show You Everything

Here is a video of that song I commented about in the last post from the movie If Only...check it out!


Amber Nichole said...

i really like her voice.
i actually have her first cd.
i think she could be really amazing as a folk singer.
i enjoyed this a lot.
never even heard of the movie, might have to check it out.

Jada's Gigi said...

I am having a hard time staying up to date with AI so far...I did get to see the guys last nite..not that impressive...and from the little bit I heard of the girls last week..welll its a woman's world this year I think...:)
loved your rambly post about purpose and such...never think that your job or purpose is trivial...I know I have gone through seasons of not knowing what my purpose in life is...but the Lord has assured me that my purpose is simply to be my husband's wife...that is it...I know that sounds weird but that is where I find peace...there may be many other side purposes for me and i'm sure there are, and things may change over time but first and foremost..I think that is it...glad you are back to posting...:)I missed ya!