March 8, 2007

Little tidbits...

Just a random post...haven't they been pretty random lately...sorry about that. Anyway...

So...American Idol...did you see it last night?? I am so impressed with the girls...they have really brought it to the far as I'm concerned the majority (other than maybe a couple) of the guys should just pack up and go home. The girls as Randy would say "are in it to win it." Did you catch Melinda?? I pegged her from the auditions that she would be one to watch...she's AWESOME! LaKisha did an great job also as usual and this time I thought Gina really kicked it up a notch and shined. So my top three this week for the girls are: Melinda, LaKisha and Gina. My choice to go home...Antonella of course and unfortunately I think Haley will go home too...she just didn't bring it, though she's a good singer...the competition with the girls is much harder than the guys...I think it will be easier to vote people off once the guys and girls are together...I think then the girls will be able to breathe a little bit easier.

So, I just found out this week that I will not be watching the twins next school year...their school has decided to go to a 5 day kindergarten next year instead of a three day. Kind of excited about that...again not because I don't like the girls or that they ar any's just a new (and I believe exciting) chapter is about to open up for me and I'm really excited, scared, nervous, all those emotions rolled into one...not sure still what I'm going to do...maybe work...maybe volunteer somewhere...maybe just work from home...I have so many options...which has a tendency to be a bit overwhelming for me...I want most of all what God wants for me and what will be best for my family. I pray that God leads me in the right direction and most of all that I obey that direction...that's the fun (scary) part.

Well off to do laundry and other motherly things...have a great day!

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Jada's Gigi said...

So sorry for the weather you KEEP having...:) I apologize for tantalizing you with pics of flowers and yes, they are from this year. lol
Missed AI again...can't say it is holding my attention this time around...maybe when we get down to the 12. so exciting to hear aobut the twins...weren't you all concerned a while back about telling them you couldn't watch them next year? now its been decided for you and everyone is happy...God is good. I know you'll find something great to do next year.