March 16, 2007

Happy Friday!

A bit more randomness...

Yesterday I went here with hubby...first time he's had an actual full day off (other than a Sunday) in like forever...saw some cars that I liked...liked the new Kia van..loved the Ford Mustang (only Ford I would even consider...but man it's so AWESOME!) and of course the Corvette...hubby used to have one...sold it when we found out we were pregnant with Austin (I cried when he sold it...what a sacrifice he made when he sold it...he ALWAYS wanted one). Oh..and the seats in one of the Cadillac's I feel in love with...they were like a brown suede feeling leather...don't much care for caddys but the seat was SWEET! Also love the Lexus's the price tag I didn't like ($ 86,000 OUCH!) It was nice to get out with hubby...he's a HUGE car buff and I haven't gone with him to a car show since Austin was little. Was actually nice to go again...though hubby usually spends no less than 8 hours at a car show, he got out of this one in 3 1/2 hours. He usually likes to go to the one in Cleveland but his schedule wouldn't allow it, so we went to Columbus instead.

After the Auto Show we went here. We only walked around a little bit cause it was late and we were hungry and it was bitterly cold...yes winter is back...only in the 30s again. Hubby tortured me by taking me here...I was a good girl...but oh so tempted...but I truly refrained and just looked. Hubby even offered to buy me anything...but I said no...what good was giving up what I did for lent if I was just going to allow him to buy stuff for me...yes total restraint on my part...then we tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, but it was a 40 minute wait and the place was so loud I couldn't stand it so we left and then went here instead. We had a nice meal..not cheap, but not bad either...just nice to have a quiet dinner.

Tired this morning...babysat next week which will be nice. Hoping to get caught up on a few things next week...maybe even schedule a haircut!

Invited neighbors over for dinner tonight and then watched "End of the Spear" with them...sad what happened to those missionaries...and I admire the women for their service to the tribe that killed their husbands...I hope that one day my life can have purpose like that...that I could bring glory to God.

Well have to travel back to Columbus tomorrow for my nephew's birthday party (he's the one pictured to the right)...should be a nice day...leading worship again this I better rest up!

Have a super weekend...Spring please come soon...and stay this time ;-)

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Jada's Gigi said...

fun trip out with the hubs! Brio is very is Cheesecake..if you can get in... I guess they must all be like that..:) Your are a tower of strength to pass up the Scrapbook goodies! Now to get him to take you back After Lent..:)