March 10, 2007

Not the weekend I had planned...

So....not the weekend I had initially planned, but....

First off...let me just start out in saying that we have some amazing friends....Our neighbors...(mother of the twins I babysit and her are of us all at our county fair this past October) they talked hubby and I into going out last night with them...we initially planned to go out of town to a movie...but hubby's job blew that out of the we just went out for dinner and shopping...which was just as fun...hubby really needed to get out...this job of his has him so was nice to see him smile and have fun....he so so so needed to get out and relax. We went to Ruby Tuesday's (not my choice but it was OK) and then went to Kohl's where I actually got some who hates to clothes shop...I so needed some clothes too. Overall it was a fun evening...anytime we get together with the Warner sisters you know laughs will be inevitable and fun will be glad God blessed us with them.
Today we were to go to Columbus for nephew's birthday party. Brennan was complaining of a sore throat last night and still had it this morning. Took him to the doctor and he has tonsillitus. Needless to say we weren't going to the party...called my sis and found out that most of my family is sick or out of town and since we weren't going to be able to make it either they were canceling until next Saturday...luckily I got a hold of her soon enough before she picked up food so that was a blessing...feel bad that she had to cancel the party, but no sense having a party for only 3 people...hopefully next weekend will work out better.
So on that note...hubby is getting off work early so he can go to the party...and as guilty as I feel, I haven't told him that it's been that bad of me??? Part of me does feel guilty, yet there is a big part of me that does not...he's put so much into that Post Office lately I think him having to work another 12-14 hour day and only getting paid for 8 is ridiculous. Anyway, he's been away so much lately I just feel like our family is missing something without him here...Forgive me Lord if I'm being dishonest...he hopefully should be home in the next 15 minutes...we'll see what happens. Hopefully he doesn't hate me.

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