February 23, 2007

Ever have one of those weeks...

where you just can't help but shake your head and ask yourself...where did the week go??? Pretty much how this week has been. Kid's finally had a full week of school, meetings this week...hubby working LOTS of hours...just tons of little things really going on...glad it's Friday.

Hubby and I watched a really good movie last night...If Only. A nice romantic movie about a couple who after a tragedy, gets a second chance. I'm not much of a crier...this one made me cry for some reason. Check it out. Also if you know if there is a soundtrack or CD where I can find the song that Jennifer Love Hewitt sings in this movie...please let me know....gotta have it! Here's a video of the song from this movie:

I don't know if it's been the books I've been reading and the movies I've been watching lately, but I've been thinking a lot about life, how fleeting it is, what my purpose is, about heaven and what's in store for me, and just all things on that tangent...like the Bible says...we are vapor...merely here for a moment...here one minute and gone the next. We are here for a purpose. I've heard all these things before, but for some reason it's finally hitting home into my blonde little brain. There's more to life than just me and my tiny little bubble I'm in. God is so amazing...He has an amazing plan for all of us and even if we may not be obedient to His plan He will fulfill His plan with or without us...how cool is it when we ARE obedient and become a part of that grand plan.

Like I told my hubby last night....several several months ago I really struggled with MY purpose. Couldn't quite see what my purpose was and why I was here...now I know that my purpose is to be the best Mom that I can and to raise my children the best way I can with God's help. And also to be my husband's best friend and complete him for lack of a better term. Once I came to terms with that, it made me feel better about me and what my job is in this life. Stay at home mom's get a bad rap in my opinion...we have one of the most important jobs in the world IMO.

On that tangent...I usually try to read the Bible to the boys before they leave for school in the morning. My middle son Brennan was in one of his moods the other day and told me...Mommy I don't know why you read that...I never remember what you read. Kind of broke my heart and made me wonder if I was wasting my time...after some prayer and reflection I will not stop reading to them even if it may seem that I'm wasting my time...The devil wants me to be discouraged...and yes maybe they won't remember what I read, but maybe just maybe a tiny seed will be planted and something will sprout from my efforts. It doen't have a chance if I quit now does it?!!? So devil...try all you want...I'm not stopping. I know that God is going to allow something to get through to them...and even so...hopefully when they look back on their lives they will remember the times that their Mommy read God's word to them. Just had to share that.

On a different note...another season of American Idol has begun...unfortunately because of a lengthy meeting I missed seeing the guys sing...but what I saw of them (recap after the show...I wasn't overly impressed...though I kinda liked Chris Richardson, Chris Sligh, and though I wasn't impressed with his performance Brandon Rogers was good during the auditions. As far as the ladies go...WOW...in fact hubby was impressed and even voted...he's never voted before. Our fav thus far...LaKisha Jones...blew everyone else away...and her story touches my heart...I really like her. Also two other favs were Stephanie Edwards and Melinda Doolittle. I think they will go far in this competition. So as far as those who got cut...didn't see that show either, but I'm surprised most that Antonella Barba made it through...I was surprised when she made it to the top 24 honestly. I thought her performance was karaoke at best. Maybe it's just her looks that are helping her through. Just my opinion. Don't get me wrong, she has a nice voice...the song was wrong and I'm just not sure that she's cut out to be a professional. Again my opinion. Also don't care for Sundance...another one that I was surprised to see make it through...and thought he should have gone.

I know this was a weird and rambly post, but I've got three 4 year olds running around me...that may be why ;-) But I just had to share my week...even if it wasn't the most opportune time.

Have a great weekend and may you never forget God's purpose for you!

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Sam I Am said...

what a touching post.. and between listening to that song..and reading your post..i had tears :)
keep on reading to your boys.. :)