February 8, 2007

Snow days and other things...

Needless to say the last three days have been snow days for the boys...whether it be for extreme cold temperatures or snowfall...today was their first day back to school this week. Love having them home, but I'm glad to get back to status quo in a way...there is only so many fights over the Playstation that I can handle. ;-)

This is how Austin spent part of his time off school though...taking right after his momma...
Hope you are keeping warm and safe.

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Jada's Gigi said...

I Loved those snow days but so glad to get back, to routine...:) I sure would like a snow day right now...we don't get many such excuses in GA. haha
BTW I loved your idea about the romantic scavenger hunt. it sounds awesome! My brother-in-law did something similiar for my sister once. It was very cool!
I too have done the coupon book...money is always an issue at my house and there's no reason a lot has to be spent to find a little romance plus lots of us need inspirational help with these kinds of things..:)