February 5, 2007

God works in mysterious ways...

I need to quit with these once a week posts...I miss it I do...just not much to write lately...but I have to say God has worked in mysterious ways in my life this past week.

First of all as I had mentioned earlier this year I have begun reading my Bible...the whole reading your Bible in a year thing. Still doing well...a day behind right now, but that's OK...I'm still OK...God understands...and I think this may be where this is all stemming from...I'm feeling closer to God and understanding even more His commitment to His people...I'm in the book of Leviticus right now.

In our Women's group Tuesday I mentioned again during prayer time about Brennan having trouble in school and with his teacher. Ironically (or may be not so) a new lady that has been attending our grou works for the School Superintendent. She gave me some things that I could possibly do to help Brennan and his situation with his teacher. Then on Wednesday Brennan comes out of school all smiles because his teacher FINALLY moved the desks around and he's no longer sitting by the kids who have been distracting and picking on him. We've been on his teacher to move him since November. God thing maybe??

Then I got a call from the library about this book I reserved for my hubby that he wanted to read (which my hubby does not like to sit and read a book BTW)...it was in, so I went to pick it up...it was this book: Don's description of heaven just again reaffirms for me God's love for us...and the beauty that I will someday behold.

Then we missed church yesterday (which I hate missing church) but it was for a good thing. Kevin's step-grandma Gerri was celebrating her 83rd birthday. We went up to visit her and participate in her party. The night before I thought about her present (I know great time to think of that)...hubby didn't have anything for her, and I really wasn't sure about what to get a woman who was in a nursing home and honestly we weren't even sure if she would make it to this day. Then I remembered Kevin's stepmom had given me these crocheted granny squares that she told me that Gerri had once made but never put together. I then had this overwhelming urge that I had to make something for her out of these...I didn't hesitate...didn't second guess or talk myself out of it...so at 10 p.m. on Saturday night I sat down...watched a movie and sewed these squares together...about 35 in all...I was up until 3:30 a.m., yet I was determined to finish it...almost like I was on a mission, yet not sure why. So then yesterday we had to be on the road by 9 a.m. so we could be there by 11 a.m. and there I was in the van crocheting the edge around this little lap afghan. I got it done in time. Thank God. My hubby presented it to her and told her about the blanket and how the squares were the ones that she had made...she looked at the squares with tears in her eyes and said that she didn't make those squares...they were made by her mother. This feeling just swept over me of how much more precious this gift must have been to her...she even said that I couldn't even know how much it meant to her. She was truly touched. And I was truly humbled. Here was a woman who in all honesty doesn't have much time left, and something I (and I say I loosely cause I know it was a God thing) did touched her heart...WOW...God works in some mysterious ways. Sometimes you just need to listen to that still small voice inside you and not question it...lesson learned. I give God praise for that moment...and I will cherish it. The picture is of me with Grandma Gerri and her brother and sister...those granny squares were made by their mother.

Then we came home and our Pastor was having a Family Communion, which is where we as a family would come into the church and he would personally serve our family communion and then pray for us as a family. It was a true blessing to have communion and share that sacred moment as a family...with my boys.

God is so amazing.

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Jada's Gigi said...

Been missing you! Glad to kow things are well, just busy. What a wonderfu lgift you gave to Gerri! It was definitley a God thing...that and Brennan's school thing too...:) You've had a lot going on lately in the "God" realm haven't you? :)