February 15, 2007

Snowed In....

If you have been following the weather channel...then you know we are pretty much snowed in where we are...Tuesday it snowed like crazy....while we were at the Funeral...it was quite a messy sight. Though we were invited to stay and visit at hubby's uncle's house after the funeral, hubby and I decided it was time to come home...and boy are we glad we did. I-77 was a total mess and by the sheer grace of God, we were able to make it home...the roads were AWFUL! We saw several accidents along the way including a jacknifed semi. Luckily hubby's mom let us drive her 4 wheel drive Endeavor. Otherwise who know if we would have made it home. I did come home to this on my back door though...

The rest of the family wasn't so lucky...as they tried to head out I guess they closed I-77 and they ended up having to stay another night...I was just so glad to be home and be safe. We ended up with ice on top of the snow...not fun. In all we got about 8-10 inches. School was cancelled yesterday and today. Hubby had to work a 14 + hour day including having to be out in that mess and deliver mail. I was quite frustrated...not at him, but at his situation. He seems to always be the one that has to take up the slack for those who just don't want to work...it's annoying.

With all that it wasn't quite an enjoyable Valentine's day. Though in all honesty...I'm not huge into Valentine's day...I'm not huge into the obligatory holidays...you know the one's where your significant other HAS to do something for you or they're in the dog house. Why should the calendar or card industry tell me when I should show my affection or when someone else should show it to me?? I'm more into the "it's March 2nd and though it's not a special day I just wanted to tell you today how special you are to me" kind of chick. The element of surprise...the not expecting it...that is what I like. Just makes it all that much sweeter for me...How about you?? How do you feel about it??

I'm not usually into watching movies in the afternoon (too many other things to do) but they had Message In A Bottle on TBS this morning...watched bits and pieces of it intermixed with fixing breakfast, snacks and drinks for the kiddos. Such a sweet movie. And though it's filmed in Maine from what I understand...it makes me miss North Carolina...hope we can visit again soon...it's been almost 3 years...miss it so. Especially now since I'm surrounded by all this white stuff!

Well hopefully the weather is better where you are...going to go try and shovel myself out now. :-)

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Jada's Gigi said...

What mess indeed! Go glad you are home safe and sound! I miss N Carolina too! Loved it the years we vacationed there....maybe one day soon we'll get back there...didn't like Message in a Bottle very much...too sad I guess...but I do like some of Nicholas Sparks stuff..The Wedding is awesome and of course the one about the young girl with Leukemia...and The Notebook..:)