May 2, 2006

Well not much tonight...

I know after yesterday's post what else could I have to talk about. Tired today...I've had someone waking me up everynight except one for the past almost 2 weeks now...Momma's starting to feel the effects....Momma's tired so I'll keep this short.

Had Women's Group tonight. It was good...we had a great meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. YUM!

It rained here was nice. Love the smell after it rains.

Read more of my book today "Living With Less"....I'm really liking this book. It really puts my life here on earth in a much more temporal perspective...get it here if you are interested. Guarantee it will be the best $ 10.00 you've ever spent.

Watched all of AI tonight...haven't done that for a while. Each week I just am in awe of Chris...he ROCKS!!! Katharine was good too...her first song was OK but she did a great job I thought on here second song. My opinion...for what it's worth...I think it'll be down to Katharine and Chris...but I've been wrong before.

Well going to bed...hopefully for the whole night and no one crawling in bed wanting Mommy ;-)

God is good! He amazes me everyday that He would love a wretch like me.

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