May 1, 2006

So much to say...

God is so amazing!!! I feel like with each new Spring day I see something new and amazing about my God. He's os beautiful, amazing, exciting....He's all I need.

I sang last Sunday during Church...forgot to mention that in the last few posts...though it was a song I've sung before...God gave me this amazing strength to sing the song...I was just so amazed as how God used me caused I was so concerned about how I would sound with all these allergy problems I was having...but God was amazing and worked through me and I had several people come up to me and say how wonderful it was. I am always in awe as to how God uses someone as unworthy and common as myself.

I have some amazing friends that I'm developing some close bonds with. My neighbors Michelle and Leslie...(I watch Leslie's twin girls during the week)...they are so fun to be around...they make life fun...I'm so glad that God has brought them into my life. After an incident that happened with a very close girlfriend of mine in high school...(I found out our friendship was pretty much based on a bunch of lies)...I have always had a hard time getting close to female friends...I'm just so glad that God has helped me to be able to want to trust again in this way...God always gives you what you need when you need it.

I've been doing this Bible study on the book Captivating as some of you may know. Very good book BTW. It really gets to the core of a woman's we long to be told we're God created us to be beautiful and captivating. How beautifully God thinks of us. Lasts week's lesson was good on how we have been wounded...we all have been wounded in one time or another in our lives and how many times we turn to other things like boys, food, romance novels, etc. to fill the void of our wounds when we should turn to God. This week we are reading the chapter about "A Special Hatred" and how Satan hates us as women. "The evil one hates Eve because she gives life....thus Eve (woman) is his greatest human threat. Satan also fell from grace because of his pride and his he has this revengful assault on beauty and Eve is the incarnation of the Beauty of God. Thus Eve incarnates the Beauty of God and she gives life to the world...He assaults her with a special hatred." I thought these words wer so profound. and this as well..."He plays on a woman's worst fear: abandonment. He arranges for her to be abandoned, and he puts his spin on every event he can to make it seem like abandonment." WOW...doesn't that put things in an amazing different and focused light?!?! So least at times for me...and this final note..."You really won't understand your life as a woman until you understand this: You are passionately loved by the God of the universe. You are passoinately hated by his enemy." I read those words in this latest chapter and it was like a light came on...My God passionately loves ME....Wow...not like I didn't know that...he loved me...but passionately?!?!? WOW....almost brings tears to my eyes.

Another book I'm reading is "Living With Less" by Mark Tabb...another good book and an easy read. It talks about how we need to learn to live with less and that it's the world's view about how we think we need more stuff more things more more more....when in fact all we need is God and seeking His kingdom first and all other things will be taken care of. How we need to be a servant...and serve others...instead of focusing on ourselves and those things we think we "need". Like I said...good book so far...check it out.

On other far as Reality TV glad to see Kellie go...she hasn't been very good the last couple weeks...not sure who the next one will guess is Paris or Elliott...what do you think??? An on Top Model...I haven't been following this one too well since it's on the same time as Idol...but Nneena is gone??!!!?? What is up with that!!! and Jade is still there....can't figure this one out...Jade has such an attitude...she thinks she's all that. Oh well.

Finished the scrapbook I've done about me today...finally. I'll post pics once I get the pages all scanned. It looks great I think ;-)

Well don't want to write a book...though I've got a pretty good start going thus far huh?? Hope you all have had a wonderful and blessed Monday. Later all!

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Jada's Gigi said...

You sound like you are really riding high these days. :) so good to hear all that God is showing you and doing in you. He is wonderful isn't He? You sound good, really good. :) and women friends are so important in a woman's took me a long time to learn that one too. You are blessed to have your friends.

Yeah, Kelli had to go...she's cute but not an AI..
I'm hoping Elliot stays in to the final 2 anyway...he's very good but maybe not charismatic enough...I'm hoping Paris or Taylor go next...