May 15, 2006

What a weekend...

What a busy and frantic weekend this past one was. It all started with Friday....we were to go see Joel Osteen preach in Columbus. Well about 1:00 p.m. hubby calls me and tells me his parents aren't feeling well and won't be able to watch the boys...YIKES...and we wanted to leave aroun 3:30 - I'm frantically calling people...after all this was hubby's present. I call my go there...she was ankle high in water from all the rain we'd been having and she was blowing fuses in her house...not a good day for her...I call my sister who owed me anyway...after trying to figure out how to reroute her plans and ours...she came over and bless her heart she watched the boys. However we didn't leave until 4:30-4:45 which put us way behind and not only that...we were going to end up hitting rush hour traffic. And did we...YIKES again. We then were trying to meet Pastor Dean and Rachel for dinner beforehand since where we were going to be was near where they lived so we met them for dinner...about 6:30 by the time we made it through traffic and had to backtrack after making a wrong turn. We had a wonderful dinner with them and though I had thought about telling them we weren't going to make it for dinner I'm so glad we did because it really helped calm hubby down after the drive. It is always so nice to see them and when I get done talking with them it just makes me feel so much better and realize that how I'm feeling isn't wrong and that I'm not alone. I miss them so much.

So anyways, we finally get to the Arena...about 10 after 8. Started at 7:30...though I knew there would be praise and worship first, which I ws right and we really didn't miss much. However when we got there and I handed the girl the tickets she looked at me and says, "These tickets are for the wrong night...they were for last night." My mouth I know hit the floor...after all we went through to get there...I never checked the tickets and I knew I wouldn't have gotten tickets for a Thursday night. YIKES again! The lady then took us over to the service desk and the lady there tells us that we were in luck. Some people had turned in their tickets that they weren't going to use so there were extras...and she gave us the best seats she had...which were better than the seats I had gotten. We were on the lower level just to the left of Joel...very good seats...PRAISE JESUS!!! It was a great time and hubby most of all enjoyed it, which is all that mattered to me since it was for his birthday that we went. After the program we went over to the service desk and thanked the girl again for the great seats and nice to know that there are still nice people in this world.

Saturday we had a wedding to go to for one of the teens from our Youth group. She's not a teen anymore...she's 20, but...anyway it was a pretty wedding. I expected far more of a turnout, since what I understood most of the city and half of Ohio was invited as well as many of those out of state...but maybe the rain kept them away. Saw Pastor Dean and Rachel again there and also Pastor Lisa and Danielle. It was ncie to see them all again. Man I wish I understood more about God's plan...anyways...after the wedding reception we went to the video store and pretty much vegged and watched movies since we didn't have our Family Movie Night on Friday.

Sunday of course was church and then hubby took me out to my favorite restaurant in town...the Yucatan. Great mexican restaurant. Then we visited my mom and then hubby's mom. It was a long weekend.

BTW, my computer is still down...I really hope I get it back soon...I have a ton of stuff to do on there that I can't do on Austin's computer...YIKES!

Well I'm going to quit rambling and go try and do something productive...maybe even scrapbook...we shall see.

Hope your weekend was a good one!


Jada's Gigi said...

Wow what a weekend! Sounds like a hectic blast! :) Those big outings always turn out to be stressful...thankfully you got in after all that. Glad your Mother's Day was nice too. Sounds like you need a rest this week. haha

Jada's Gigi said...

AIs up tonight!!