May 9, 2006

Enjoying God's Splendor...

Sorry I've been away so long...can tell that it's May and that summer is right around the corner...things around here are going into hyperdrive.

Spent the last few days finally getting away to get my haircut, go shopping for some clothes for myself (BTW...I hate shopping for myself...why can't they make decent clothes for a almost 40 woman???..Either it's too youthful and half your body parts are hanging out or the clothes make you look like your Grandma. UGH!) I also bought some plants for my yard...I finally bought a Lilac bush...something I have always wanted for my yard. They smell so wonderful! God makes so many wonderful plants...and of course I bought another rose bush...I love my roses.

Saturday I spent running hubby around town and then we spent time with our neighbor friends, playing dominos, eating pizza.

Sunday of course was church...I love church! We had a concert Sunday evening...what an awesome time and the singers were people from around town...such amazing talent! Loved them all.

Yesterday I spent with Leslie and the twins...we went to Zanesville and I returned a dress, spent some money on my boys and then came home and mowed lawn, planted most of my plants and worked on my front hill which I need to finish today. I so enjoy working with the plants in my yard and making it look nice. I like to mow grass even. If my hubby had it his way our whole lot would be concrete and painted green just so it would look nice.

While working on my rose bushes yesterday I couldn't find my garden gloves so I was working with my bare hands...of course I was stuck several times by the thorns...and I could not help but think about our Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us...I was pricked by one thorn and IT HURT. My Savior wore a crown of them and I couldn't imagine the pain He must have endured...for me. And yet He endured far more than that crown of thorns. I was humbled again by His marvelous sacrifice.

Well I'm trying to recover from all the work I did yesterday...a bit sore to finish that hopefully this afternoon.

Have a great and wonderful day!

Oh...and I may not be on here as much for a little PC has a virus again and I'm using my son's computer right to love those viruses!


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