May 23, 2006

Oh my...

Well just some randomness...

Austin has strep throat. Six days of school left and he missed school today. Doctor says he should be able to go back tomorrow though...thank goodness. He misses his friends.

American Idol tonight...I know I said I wouldn't watch since Chris got bumped off...but...I'm a shameless sucker I guess. I watched...I wondered....I wondered why they sang some of the songs they picked...not sure who will actually win. I would like to see Katharine win of course, but who knows...I just know that it should have been Chris...I'm not bitter or anything ;-)

I just realized that there is only 5 days of school left and no teacher's gifts in sight...Yikes...need to get busy.

Have a meeting tomorrow night and I'm praying it doesn't run over so I miss American Idol.

I SHAMELESSLY downloaded some Chris music off the AI website...never paid to download music before. I could see that becoming a bad addiction if ever I got an iPod or something of that nature...I'd definitely have to set a limit on that bad boy.

Don't have to work tomorrow...and after Thursday I believe I'm technically done babysitting for the summer which I'm glad...I'll miss my girls (not that I won't see them since they are right next door) but I really need to get some stuff done around some serious eBaying.

Well I'm off to work on the Church calendar that is due out this Sunday, prepare for tomorrow's meeting and try to get some teacher gift ideas.

Have a fantabulous evening!


Gina said...

Just stopped in -- saw you at Jadagigi. I hope you get the calendar done with as little stress as possible : )

Jada's Gigi said...

Yay! schools almost out! I remember the days I lived for that...I still lieve for summer I guess...haha
I'm like you....just a bit bitter over the whole Chris debachle :) I suppose Taylor had to win but I still think Chris should've! But I did hear him say that he believes everything happens for a reason and that he believes this is the best thing that could have happened to him so maybe he's right...sigh....but he's star in my book...maybe because my son favors him, that must be why I like him so much...haha