May 3, 2006


Frustrated a bit today...boys not wanting to listen today...girls not wanting to clean the playroom before they left...hubby telling me he's on his way home for dinner which I run in the house to finish up dinner only to find out over an hour later he met up with his mom and brother...hubby not being home for dinner once this week...just a bit irritated that's all...of course God never said life would go's times like this I bite my tongue (HARD) and pray and rely on Jesus...He sometimes is the only thing that gets me through...which makes me wonder how do those who don't know Jesus do it??? I know it hadn't been that long ago that I was trying to do life on my own, but it seems like forever ago...God is my Rock and my Fortress...I can't live a day without calling out His praise or for help.

On a different note...AI...Paris is mom will be upset....sorry Mom...she liked her. She doesn't have a bad's just she had that squeaky voice when she talked which just annoyed me...but I think we'll probably hear more from her in the future...she's still young yet.

Don't have to babysit tomorrow....PTL cause I am in dire need of a haircut...I think it's been February since my last cut and haven't been able to work it in my schedule...I really need a trim...keeping it longer though...I like it a lot and I've gotten a lot of compliments with growing it out.

BTW, got to sleep through the visitors or anyone crying for a change....THANK YOU LORD! You are so good!

Still loving my book "Living With Less"...I think I have 4 chapters to go and then I'm done...and if you know me...for me to finish a book is quite a feat...doesn't happen very often. That should tell you how much I like this book.

Well I'm either going to go off to bed or scrapbook a little tonight not sure which...

Have a great day and when you go outside today...take in one thing that God has created...breathe it in (Lilacs are in bloom here...enjoyed those today)...bask in it...and then thank Him for His wonderful gift!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Sorry Paris...but it had to happen...she's just too young I think...I'm crossing my fingers for're right, he rocks!
Glad you got some rest...those "mommy" nights can get really old.
I'm breathing Him in today...lots of things in bloom here in GA...yummmm He smells lucious...the fragrance wafts up to our BR and it smells like heaven itsself! God is good!