March 5, 2006

Questions...and confusion...

First of all we had the boys b-day party are forthcoming. All went relatively well.

You know...2006 just hasn't been our year and it continues to be a struggle. Got news yesterday that my sister Wendy is taking her youngest daughter Shayna to the doctor tomorrow...they think she may have Diabetes. She's the same age Wendy was when she got it...and right now she's beating herself up over it thinking it's her fault and everything. Just be in prayer that she doesn't have Diabetes and that they can figure out why her blood sugar is high.

Also got a message late last night that a wonderful lady I used to work with (we all called her 'Ma', because she was like a grandma to all of us) that her only child, her son was killed in a tragic trucking accident on Friday. I'm so brokenhearted for her. She's had a rough life. She was adopted cause her family didn't want her, her husband died of cancer about 20 years ago, and countless other things, now she's lost her only child. He leaves behind 6 kids I believe...two that still live at home. It just breaks my heart. And she's such a wonderful, sweet, would do anything for you type of person. I feel guilty for not seeing her more often (she lives about 20 minutes out of town) I haven't seen here in about 2 years. It's just so sad. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Be in prayer for the Bill Rice family...they are going to need the love and support of prayer. Thanks a bunch.

Tragedies like this my humaness can't just help but ask the question "Why, Lord???" Why do the good people seem to suffer so much and those who should don't? I know I asked this in an earlier post...These are the times to lean on Jesus I know (we sang that in church today BTW), but times and situations like this make it so hard to go and say to someone "God has a plan and this all happened for a reason." I'm just searching...wondering...confused...leaning...still leaning...needing some holding up after this year thus far...

So if you could please pray for my sis Wendy, her daughter Shayna and my friend Peggy Rice and her would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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