March 3, 2006


Just some random things today....

Here is a scrapbook layout I did last night as a challenge to one of those dares on Really was great to finally scrapbook again...haven't done much of anything in months and it felt good to do this. If you get a chance...take time to stop by two peas and comment on it...constructive critisism is fine...I don't get alot of comments anyway so anything that will help improve my scrapbooking is much appreciated. Go here to see it on the Two Peas site.

Was glad that Chris made it through on American Idol last night. Not that I was worried or anything. Was glad to see "Sway" and David go...they didn't impress me much. Though I have friends who like Kevin (at whom I had to chuckle with the whole Chicken Little comparison)...I think it won't be long till he's gone. Not that he sings bad...he just looks like my 9 year offense...and I think my son is adorable...get my point. Still can't comment on the girls though by what I heard last night, I guess I'm OK with who people chose to go on the girl front. Can't believe I'm getting into this show...YIKES...the planets are going to crash or!

My boys (Austin& Brennan) birthday party is's an Incredibles party....took them forever to decide on a theme for their one nailed down and this is it. Should be fun...hard to believe that my babies are 9 & 7 already...where does the time go. It's so scary! They grow up way too fast. While I type this my cheesecakes that Brennan wants for his birthday are in the oven baking...otherwise I'd probably be in bed. Just so you know...Austin's with the paint cans...Brennan is in the pumpkin patch. Austin was only 6 months in that picture...Brennan was 18 months.

A lady from our church invited me, my neighbors (the lady I babysit for and her sister), and another lady from our church over to her house to have a ladies game night. We played dominoes. I love playing dominoes. I lost though, but I enjoy playing. We had fun...Teresa is a riot...we were all laughing and having a good time. It was nice...even though I seem to not like to go out or seem like I want to...once I'm there I have fun.

The men from our church who went down to Kenner, LA to help rebuild some homes down there are supposed to be back tonight...praying all goes well and traveling was OK.

Glad today is Friday...not really much of a movie night tonight...boys were kind of grounded...hasn't been the best week in the behavior dept. Though they did watch Shark Tales (from our personal collection) when the twins came over.

Well I think that's it for now...better go check on my cheesecake. Want to get to bed at somewhat of a decent hour. Long day tomorrow.


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