March 23, 2006

The MoJo Finally Flows...

Well it's amazing how it's so much easier to create when the craft table is clean and organized (snicker-snicker)...I'm just happy to finally see the bottom of my craft table...hadn't seen that for a while. As my reward for cleaning my terrible mess...I was able to do these two layouts last felt good to create again...the Airlie Gardens layout was a layout I had in progress before my craft table got inialated by my hectic life. So I got to finally finish it last night. Then the other is one I did for one of the Dares on Two Peas. It's a layout I did about a salt jar I inherited from my hubby's grandma. It truly is a treasure to me...hope you can read the journaling...there is a funny story that goes with this simple salt jar. If not..I'll post it later...Anyway....Felt so good to get in my space and do something that I've been needing to do for a while. Thank you Jesus! I have these layouts on Two if your bored and would like to leave me some feedback or constructive critisism...go for it!

To answer Lu's question about the did we go without getting any of that snow this week....easy's called the valley. We live in the valley so the snow seems to go above us or below us...we do get snow...but I used to live in Cleveland...we don't get nearly the snow they get up's funny...people here see a snow flake and they are literally running to the grocery store thinking they are going to be snowed in for days (I worked in a grocery store...I've seen this first hand). If there is an inch of snow on the ground they will cancel school. When I grew up in Cleveland, we had side walk plows...we always went to school. So funny.

Watched American Idol last night....OK...I may get flack for this...but I'm glad Chicken Little is finally gone! He was a 11 year old sort of way, but...well anyway. The three that I thought would be on the chopping block were there...Though I like Lisa Tucker...she may be a bit too young though. I think that is her drawback. I think it'll be between Chris, Katherine, and Mandisa...Ace is good too, but even with his cute looks, I'm not sure he'll make it all the way...I don't think he's found his niche yet.

Well I'm really tired...not sure why...hadn't had the girls all week. Haven't overdone it too much I think...just tired. Maybe I'm just gearing up for Spring...if it ever gets here :-).

Have a great day!


curious servant said...

I wrote not too long ago about creativity. What a wonderful feeling.

Jada's Gigi said...

Your LOs are looking good. i know it feels good to get them done. That feeling of accomplishment. :)
Nice that you only get the "pretty" part of snow. :) No shoveling for you! lol
I guess I'm glad Chicken Little is gone from AI too. He jsut doens't have "it" but he did maKe TV interesting...I htink the other 2 Bucky and Lisa will be next. Bucky just isn't that good and Lisa is...well boring. She can sing but she doenst stand out at all. Can you believe Chris? He blew me away with his "Walk the LIne" He's very good but we'll see if America will go for a married ole rocker. haha Ace isn't nearly as good but he's that "teen idol" cute.
Hope your weekend is restful