March 21, 2006

No snow yet...

Well at least nothing to get excited about. Though it is the first official day of Spring and we have a spitting of snow. That's Ohio weather for ya. Was so hoping for a snow day....still hoping since we haven't had one yet this year. The boys want one bad. And I don't have the girls tomorrow so it sure would be nice to just have a day together.

Watched about half of American Idol tonight...missed Chris, but what I saw seemed good. So far he's still my favorite. I still think Kevin (Chicken Little) needs to go. Bucky and Kellie are my next least favs. We shall see tomorrow night. Still didn't get the 50's/Barry Manilow connection. What did he have to do with the 50's anyway? Don't get me wrong...Barry is a great artist...just not sure what he had to do with 50's music.

Today was a good day that ended kind of on the down side....stinks when the person who supposed to support you most thinks that you aren't doing your job. Long story ....won't go into it. Just stinks that's all.

Got my craft area cleaned nice to see my table again....maybe I can scrapbook something soon! Need that's been too long.

Well hope all is well with you and that it's not snowing where you are :-)

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Lu said...

wait a minute, how did you not get any of this snow. We are both in OH, so how did you get away from it?