August 28, 2007

Has it almost been a week already?!!?!?

Sorry about being gone...nothing like trying to get back into a routine to throw you for a loop. Needless to say we've been doing pretty well getting back into the swing of school. Here are a few Austin & Brennan first day pics...

Today was Colton's first day of school...he was so ready to go...he was ready way before his brothers were and couldn't seem to wait to be a "big boy" and go to school like his big brothers do. He did so well pretty much telling me and his daddy "see ya later" and have a good day, but I'm ready to move on with my life now...kind of thing. And no I didn't cry or blubber like a baby. ( I did get a little teary eyed when I pulled up to the light leaving the school, but that's all.) Honestly I was just so proud of him and how well he did and how well I know he's going to do. Just very very proud. Here are some pics from his first day:

He started with this outfit....but then wanted something like Austin was wearing today so he had to switch to his new Power Rangers outfit...which I initially was going to put him in in the first place...guess he knows best. Colton showing his attitude with his spikey hair!
Miss Cores asked Colton to find his seat and start kneading the clay into a ball for her. He had a nice brick of blue clay...of course in true Colton fashion..."I want the yellow one." To which Miss Cores replies "I need you to use the blue today please." To which he of course replied..."I like the yellow one better." Of course Miss Cores told him maybe another day he could have the yellow, but today he was to have the blue. Oh my little determined independent one. I hope Miss Cores knows what she's in for. Here is a pic of him leaving school today...he said he enjoyed kindergarten and liked school a lot.
Though (to no surprise to me) I guess I need to work on him not talking when someone else is talking because I guess he did get in a little trouble for speaking while Miss Cores was speaking. After school he of course in true Colton fashion tells me..."No, she was talking while I was talking." Oh my...I guess I need to go over a few of the "good manners" rules again.

Overall it was a good day. My neighbor took me out to lunch with her daughter Alaina who was home from school to our favorite restaurant The Yucatan. Very tasty! Chips and salsa!

Then hubby brought his mom's Endeavor over for me to clean and detail this afternoon...guess he didn't want me to be bored or he said "I didn't want you being all depressed today so I thought I'd keep your mind busy." I thought the honey do list was supposed to work the other way around ;-) It really wasn't all that bad and yes it did keep my mind busy.

Well needless to say I'm tired...these getting up early in the mornings mean I can't seem to stay up as long, which I guess is a good thing.

Oh, BTW...looks like I'm going camping with my little sister and nephew this weekend....can't wait. My boys have never been "camping" before. Should be a cool trip!

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Jada's Gigi said...

what adorable pics!! Colton is too cute with his spikey hair! :) funny about the detailing the man you got you'd better get some rest so youcan get used tot his new schedule! ;)