August 5, 2007

Long weekend and long week ahead...

As I think I mentioned in a previous post...we are preparing for VBS at our church which starts tomorrow...the theme is Sonforce Kids (it's kind of a spy kids theme)...I am in charge of crafts again this year...I have most of my crafts prepared, but my room is not decorated. Not really sure how much decorating I'm going to get to do, but it's OK...I will decorate some maybe Tuesday since I won't be there tomorrow since I will be at the State Fair to see this guy:Can't wait!! Saw Jeremy Camp in December at the WInter Jam Concert and he just did a few songs and it was awesome...even got to meet him and shake his hand...this concert however is all him, though The Afters are opening for can't wait...I love concerts!

Have I mentioned how much I love my MP3 player????? I told the hubby it was the second best tangible gift I think he has bought me (first being my camera of course). I play this thing lie. Sometimes I even take it to bed with me to help me sleep...I'm sad I know. I added a few new songs last week to it and I also accidentally deleted the wallpapers folder on my MP3 so I had to put a few of my own photos on there so I at least had some sort of background wallpaper...and I found I like it so much better...I was bummed about losing the default wallpapers, but I'm OK's all OK. Anyway, I have been enjoying new music now by Big Daddy Weave, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Elliott Yamin, Mandisa, Bryan Adams (a song called "I'm Ready" which I found by accident on Yahoo and HAD to download's beautiful), Chantal Kreviazuk, Brandon Heath, & Michael W. Smith...good stuff and thuroughly enjoying them. I think the MP3 player is just one of the best little inventions of the 21st so appeals to this music lovers heart...and just grasping the fact that I can carry 700 songs (so far) on this little tiny contraption...amazing! I am in love...still!
Well got to get the kiddos to bed...their Papa is taking them to the cheese factory tomorrow (Brennan will be in heaven he loves cheese!) and then babysitting them all day. I'm tired too...long day ahead for me tomorrow as well.
Hope you have had a nice weekend and that your week is peaceful.

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