August 1, 2007

Randomness again...

Unfortunately I'm being random's again one of those weeks. Spent most of the day working on crafts for VBS next week...only got three crafts prepared...have SEVERAL more to do...there is always tomorrow ;-)

Brennan had his own private "Art Show" for his Papa and Gamma tonight since they couldn't make it to his art show on Sunday. He was pretty tickled...he fixed (I helped of course) snacks and explained all his work. I am still so proud of him. Austin showed off some of his work too that he's been doing in his art classes. A good evening.

I keep forgetting to post this, but here are some pics of that album I finished that I said I was going to post on here what like two weeks ago?!?! Here are a few:
O.K. I guess that was more than a few...sorry...this has become one of my favorite albums I've done so was so different for me creative wise and I so enjoyed it bunches.
Well it's getting late and I really need to get a decent night's sleep for a change.
Hope you are having a good week!

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