August 21, 2007

Tomorrow's the day...

Going to try and keep this short...and going to try and be a good girl and go to bed at a decent time since tomorrow is (dun dun duu...) the first day of school...for Austin and Brennan at least. Colton doesn't officially start until next Tuesday. Gives me a week to enjoy him before he goes...phew...we had open house "meet your teacher" night at the school. Brennan got the teacher I hoped for...I think he'll fair much better with a male homeroom teacher. Honestly he's not the least bit excited about school, but I hope that changes this year. Austin I think is ready too. Between his books and notebook, there isn't much more he could fit in that desk of his. Yikes! Colton got to see his classroom, see some of his fellow students, and see his teacher. He immediately went to the play area and then just explored the whole room. He's so excited. I'm glad. He's my independent one and I know he'll do fine...probably better than mommy will.

Well going to finish a few things on the computer, read my Bible and call it a night hopefully. Have a great week!

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Jada's Gigi said...

let us know how it goes..:)