August 17, 2007

Reality is starting to set in...

(Picture of Colton and Brennan, first day of school 2006)

How quickly a year passes...I knew this time was coming...been thinking about it heavily over the last year...but I still can't believe the moment is almost here...just had a home visit with Colton's teacher Miss Cores (who taught my other two boys as well...we love her! She's a great teacher.) He did very well and I think he's going to do this point probably better than Mommy will ;-( He has testing next week and we have orientation and open house next week as well. He doesn't have his first day of school until the 28th...but it will be here before I know it...I can't believe that it's time for him to go...I know I've mentioned this plenty of times, but I think it's finally hitting me. Hard to believe because when Austin started kindergarten Colton was literally just days old. I thought it would take forever to get to this place and now boom, it's'm just in disbelief.

So if you are a mom and you have any stories to share with me about your babies kindergarten experience and how you handled it, especially when your last baby left, please share.

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Jada's Gigi said...

sorry..I think i jumped for joy! :)