August 20, 2007

Birthday, Rain and School oh my...

Well Colton's birthday party went well considering hubby was supposed to help, and of course got stuck at work, but other than that overall it went very well thanks to help from the neighbors and of course lots of prayer. The boy made out like a bandit...receiving a skateboard, scooter and a new bike plus a plethera of other wonderful toys and was like Christmas for the poor kid. He loved his party and all seemed to have a great time.

Lots of rain here...It has off and on for the last two days. Hoping that the first day of school (Wednesday) is nice...I hope!

Speaking of school, getting ready. Backpacks are packed...clothes are washed and ready...two oldest boys are partaking in a last sleepover with Papa and Gamma tonight...I think we are officially ready. Austin (though he says he's not) is ready, Colton is more than ready and can't wait to get started...Brennan...well Brennan I worry about. He as some of you know and may remember had such a hard year last year...mainly due to his teacher...I'm just worried about how this year is going to go for him of course. This year he switches classes so he'll have 4 teachers instead of one. He'll be responsible for keeping track of his own homework and making sure he writes down all his assignments and all. Just worried about all the changes and since he had such a hard year last year I know just from talking to him that he's worried and not looking forward to this year. Been doing lots of praying.

Oh speaking of Brennan, he gave his heart to the Lord yesterday at proud of him!

So not much else to top that so going to call it a night. Happy Monday all!

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Jada's Gigi said...

how exciting that he met the Lord!! I know you are proud of Him and thankful...hopefully this year will be a great school year for all.