April 4, 2008

Back to life....back to reality...and Lurker where are you? I've got a prize for you!

OK...now that I have that crazy song playing in your head...been extremely busy lately...busy at the school, busy doing things for the church, busy at home, busy trying to get things squared away...just lots going on....today it was another non-stop day. Had to go to the school for "Pastries for Parents" day...it's their finale for their Right to Read week...and they got to wear their pajamas to school today...it was great to go to the school and eat donuts with my babies! Then it was off running errands and grocery shopping (man is that ever getting expensive anymore!) and then hubby took me out to lunch at English Ivy...yummm...I had a bowl of their Mexican Cheese soup...oh my...so delicious...my favorite soup from there...so tasty and spicy! Then I was home for less than an hour and had to pick up the boys again...man these days just go faster and faster!

On to other things...I did get my movie that I mentioned in the previous post Dan In Real Life...so cute...may watch it again tonight...maybe while I'm working in the office that is. Oh also rented Indiana Jones first movie...can you believe I've never seen this movie all the way through?

OK...you may have noticed that I have this map on the right hand side of my screen...tells me where in the world people are reading my blog...I'm amazed as to where people are reading from...Montana, California...even Singapore?!?! (Jaz is that you???) So I want to prompt you out of your lurking...I know all who read may not be scrappers, but I'm going to make the assumption that you are...so if you post a comment to this post....just say Hi...(a name would be nice too, but I'm not picky) I will pick a name at random this Thursday evening and you will be the happy new owner of these foam stamps. So come on...quit lurking and talk to me ;-)

Have a great weekend all!


Kim said...

Hey there!!

Love your Blog


Kim said...

Sent my addy to you.. Tahnks a bunch, you have made my day!!

Kim said...

I received your package today!! Thank you for the wonderful stamps and the extras!!

You Rock!!