April 14, 2008

What a great weekend!

Sometimes it is just nice to get away. This past weekend I went here. So nice to see Michelle and Christina again and just get away and just scrapbook. Huge thanks to hubby for taking care of the kiddos all weekend and my super father in law that helped hubby just about finish putting my cupboard doors on my kitchen...it looks FABULOUS! I love it! I will take pictures tomorrow when the sun (hopefully) is out and I can get a better picture. Anyway fantabulous weekend! I got 18 pages done and another 9 pages done in a mini album I am working on. Here are some pics of the weekend:

This studio used to be a bar and these girls converted it into an amazing crafting studio...I had an amazingly awesome time...I'd have to say more fun than Scrap Camp, just because it wasn't as noisy and cramped (there was only about 12 of us compared to 100 at Scrap Camp) and it just seemed more relaxed. I liked it a lot. Plan on going again soon, once I sell more eBay to pay for it ;-) That's how I paid for this trip...my eBay monies...well worth it too! I do owe hubby $ 23.00 cause I just HAD to buy one of those cute new ribbon organizers...that I filled up today and it is just too cute and now all my ribbon is in one spot and most of all visible! Thanks Michelle and Christina for an amazing weekend and all the awesome food (yes they fed us too)...the Taco soup was amazing!

They had a layout contest from the weekend and the campers voted and I tied for first place...I'd show you the layout, but it's for the next challenge on Faith Sisters so after Wednesday I'll show you. But the other girl who won with me made this layout that I voted for because I thought it was truly amazing:

Here are a few of my layouts:

Then on Sunday Christina and another lady invited me to go to a church service at an area church...kind of like an inner city type mission church to describe it...it was a very upbeat church that their target seemed to be teens, single moms and the homeless...honestly I had a great time. Their praise team ROCKED! The worship was truly amazing and just feeling God move there was all I could say is WOW...it was nice to be at a service for a change and not be "in" the service doing something. Totally helped me to focus more on just worshipping God. It was a great experience.

Again...the whole weekend was an amazing time...will be doing it again hopefully soon...I got my cupboard doors on my kitchen...kids were good while I was gone...life right now is good.

Now back to reality and getting back into the groove.

Have a great week!

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