March 31, 2008

Movies and Books

Busy month ahead...but just had to share some books and movies I've seen recently.

If you haven't seen Horton Hears A Who yet at the's funny...the kids loved it...even Austin who at first had absolutely NO interest in going and moped the whole way there...ended up laughing through the whole movie.
And of course the movie Enchanted which is a totally endearing "can't get that song out of my head" type of movie...take all Disney's prince/princess movies and roll it into one and you have this movie....the boys love Pip the chipmunk...Apple??

Dan In Real Life...I liked it more than hubby did, but totally funny/sweet movie...loved the scene when Steve Carell's character is playing the guitar singing "Let My Love Open The Door." Loved it! I don't go out and buy a lot of movies...but this one WILL be in my video library soon!

If you are looking for a good somewhat romantic movie...this is on is good. Chocolat stars Julliette Brinoche (Which is also in Dan In Real Life), and Johnny Depp...whom my sister loves....Wendy you would like this movie. It's about a woman and her daughter that open up a chocolatier across a church in this small village and how she changes the town...endearing.

Becoming Jane - Chose this movie because I loved Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries movies and of course The Devil Wears Prada...though Anne plays a great part, this movie was a bit slow and didn't end the way I thought it would. I'd give it a 3 out of five stars...if you are into those english movies like Pride and Prejudice and the like you'd probably enjoy this one more.

One movie I cannot recommend is picture here cause I just don't think it deserved any more time wasted to it. A total waste of two hours in my opinion. I saw where this movie got such rave reviews (which usually is a sign that it's gonna stink), and so hubby went ahead and rented it. The same main male chracter in Becoming Jane played in this movie...and he's a great actor for these type of English back in the day movies, but this movie was pointless until the very end where they finally reveal the jist of it...which after an hour of watch soldiers on a beach just didn't cut it for me....I was left exhausted and frustrated. If you want a good foreign movie that takes place during the Holocaust rent "Life Is Beautiful" ...far better made me cry and it will touch your heart.

As far as books go, I finally finished 40 Days of Purpose again...and also read a book by David Gregory and I'm in the middle of his second book. I think I also told you I finished Captivating too...quite a trip with this reading thing.

Boys are doing well and everything is pretty good here. Fixing dinner tonight for a lady in our church who was in a car accident last week. April is going to be a crazy month between meetings, boys study groups at school, me taking a weekend away, trying to get things straightened away here...lots to do. So I guess I better get busy....hope all is well with all of you...Take Care!!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Love love Chocolat! MY daughter took Jada to see Horton hears a who and we also saw Atonement..not so great I'll agree..a downer