April 25, 2008

So Let's Review...

OK...I just have to say how cute my boys are right now...last night we were getting the boys ready for bed...and hubby asks Colton if he got his card flipped at school (card flipping is our school's form of discipline for those who may not know)...and Colton unfortunately did yesterday...I guess him and another boy were hiding instead of going to the Art room. Of course his 5 year old (and very intelligent) brain tries to explain to his daddy why he got his card flipped...well daddy I wasn't really hiding I was just playing and I wasn'tready to go into the room yet. When hubby asked Colton to explain again what he did...he looks at his daddy plainly and tells him...OK daddy....Let's review...I lost it...I had to walk away...where does this little guy get this stuff...it's like the day at church when he wanted me to spell sun for him (he kept spelling it s i n...appropriate at church I guess)...and after I spell it for him he says, "That's very interesting Mom." He is such a trip!

Then there is Brennan who came home yesterday with bandages on his elbow and leg..his leg all skinned up...I asked him what happened...He tells me he caught the football and another boy pushed him to the ground to get the football. Now if you know Brennan he doesn't play much with the other kids...he says he has no friends and he usually plays alone on the playground...so I honestly was kind of excited to hear that he was playing football with other kids...after a long conversation...come to find out he wasn't actually playing the game...he was in the middle of the field and accidentally caught the football...he wasn't actually in the game, he was just in the wrong place and happened to catch the ball and caught dirt too in the process...I was upset to hear the boy who pushed him didn't apologize, but one of the big prayers I have had this year is that Brennan would have a friend. And the last couple months he's mentioned this boy that has been playing with him and befriending him. Well yesterday this boy saw that Brennan got hurt, personally took him to the office to get cleaned up and gave up his recess to help my Brennie...I was so touched by that...and the power of how God answers a mother's prayer. God is good! It's good to know that even amongst children there are those who truly care about others.

Hoping to watch Hans Christian Anderson with the boys this weekend (yes the 50's Danny Kaye movie)...hope they enjoy it like I did as a kid.

Oh...also...If you are a scrapper and well if you are obsessed with it as I am...you know next weekend is National Scrapbooking Weekend...well in honor of that Faith Sisters is having a celebration on their web-site...there will be prizes, scrapping and tons of fun....so stop on by...you know I'll be there ;-)

Have a super weekend!

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Jada's Gigi said...

Aren't kids a trip? Love you new kitchen! and I do think it leans towrd the chic look...:) I think rustic modern is a good term. :) I'm about to tackle mine...Lord help me! i am So not a visionary person. I need to see things ahead of time and as you know,...that's impossible in remodeling.