December 3, 2007

Now it's OFFICIALLY December

It is NOW officially December...why...because Saturday night we saw this:

Snow has arrived in Ohio...we ended up spending the night in Sandusky after visiting hubby's great aunt because the roads were a bit slippery and we where in no hurry to go home anyway. It was kind of nice to get away for the weekend, even if I didn't sleep all that well.

While we were at Aunt Thelma's Colton found a new way to play cornhole:
Why just throw that beanbag when you can crawl underneath it and catch those happy beannies!

Overall it was a nice, yet tiring weekend.

Still have yet to start my Christmas shopping. Hoping to get started this week...hoping.

Well I've got a huge to-do list and only a short time to do it so I leave you with this photo....

Have a great week!

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