November 29, 2007

Can you help??

OK folks I need a little help...a little help in the Christmas spirit department...ain't got none, NADA, zilch...not sure if it's just the fatigue of working so much on the recent remodeling, lack of snow (not that I'm wishing for any yet), or what but I just have NOT been able to get into the Christmas mood yet. Been playing Christmas music on the radio, and that had helped a smidge, but I have NO desire to break out my Christmas decorations yet and with three kids that is just NOT COOL. So here is my plea to you....

Help me find the Christmas spirit this there some sort of tradition that just puts you in that Christmas mood...a website that you've been on that just screams Christmas or anything at all...I'll take anything...just help a tired Mom out OK ;-)

May watch "It's a Wonderful Life" tonight...that always helps with the Christmas spirit...after I watch The Little Princess with the boys (I know Princess and boys just don't mix...but it IS a good know the old Shirley Temple movie.)

Well here's to hoping the Christmas spirit finds me.

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