December 11, 2007

Christmas Randomness...

So needless to say I've started to get into the Christmas spirit now...slow start but I think I'm getting there...maybe that means the Christmas spirit will last longer this year...always a thought...

Anyways...finally got our tree decorated...hubby and boys decorated it Sunday night...mine is still undecorated...I usually decorate my tree with my birdhouses I painted, but I just haven't felt like it yet, nor do I think I could get to the blasted things anyway....admist all this eBay I'm doing right now...God does bless in mysterious ways...Brennan the last few weeks had been praying that "Mommy would get more money", cute and silly prayer of an inoccent 8 year old, yet God has listened because there a couple ladies that hubby cleans cars for that have asked me to sell their antiques and collectibles for them. Has kept me quite busy I must say, but it has paid for a large chunk of the boys Christmas so Praise God for that!

On other things...I'm desperately trying to memorize lines for our Christmas play in a couple weeks...luckily I don't have as many lines as most, but honestly my brain is fried right now and the brain cells aren't remembering so much. The fun of the season!

We finally got TV many of you know we have been without cable TV since August. Well we finally got Direct TV yesterday. Hubby is happy and scratching his head at the same time...let me go on...he gets home...asks me what I think of does it work...I kind of give him the basics to what the guy told me..."So what do you think?" he asks...I told him...don't soon as the guy left I turned it off. The story gets better...boys get home...tell them if they get their homework done there's a surprise for them...we reveal the surprise to the children (especially Austin) who hounded us about getting TV back...Austin proceeds to play on his computer, Colton proceeds to play on his Gameboy...Brennan is the only one somewhat interested in it and Hubby is left literally dazed and confused as to why he spent all the money...but hey he's at least happy he has TV back.

So on one of the blogs I frequent the lovely Stephanie asked to use a letter to describe your day my letter is F. For Friends, Family, Fun, Frigid (lets face it...right now in Ohio its COLD!) Fabulous, and don't forget festive and food (that one's for you Dad). So what is your letter for today?!?!

I will be sharing over the next few days favorite Christmas songs...let me know what your favorites are!

Hope you are having a fabulous Feliz Navidad!

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