December 6, 2007


Needless to say we woke up yesterday morning to this:

Which of course lead to school being canceled (YIPEE!!)

Which of course lead to the boys wanting to go out and play...who was I to say no ;-)

Even Daddy got in on it and played with the boys a bit (after shoveling the driveway of course)...ask Austin about the special delivery snow pizzas!! Too funny!! We all had tons of fun!

Today there was a two-hour delay for school (which always throughs me off for some reason) and I forgot that the school was having a special "70's dress up" day today to help raise money for a 6 year old girl in our school district who has an inoperable brain tumor and her daddy just lost his job. So I was scurrying around to try and find 70's like gear...this is what we ended up with:

Colton's 'smiley' t-shirt I made for him about 30 minutes before we left for school...good thing he has a crafty Mom...he was none too happy about his outfit (cause he wanted a costume like Austin) until I made him this shirt...thank goodness for quick thinking! Brennan wore star glasses with his too. They all looked adorable...I mean GROOVY! I'm just hoping Austin didn't get in trouble for wearing his Darth Vader costume, but hey Darth Vader was part of the 70's after all ;-)

Been working on my Faith Sister's site creating and uploading new layouts for upcoming challenges...check out this weeks challenge here.

Still haven't started Christmas shopping...YIKES! Hoping to get that done soon...hubby was way too tired to help me with that today. Maybe later.

Well got to go pick up my GROOVY boys....until next time!

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