December 7, 2007

More of the white stuff...

Yes folks...another snow a way I'm glad...nice to have the boys home and sleep in a little bit. So what have we done so far today....

Well the normal laundry, dishes, cooking (have to feed the kiddos after all...not sure why they get so hungry all the time he-he), scouting out Christmas gifts on the internet, more laundry....oh and I finally broke out the tree and Christmas music and some Christmas decorations...I'm slowly (very slowly mind you) getting into the Christmas spirit. Will decorate the tree once hubby does his magic fluffing and putting on lights (of course who knows how long that will tkae, but my job is done anyway).

So I leave you with this little ditty:

Colton: Mommy...can you open this game for me?

Mommy: Sure buddy.

Colton: Thanks I can be the cop and I can catch all those bad guys.

Where do they come up with this stuff anyway??

Have a super day!

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