August 9, 2006

VBS and other craziness...

Well this is VBS week for me and I tell ya it's CRAZINESS!!! I'm in charge of crafts this year instead of teaching a class and though it's been different...and a LOT more work, it's been FUN! The kids are great and they seem to like the crafts they create...which tickles me. It's a beautiful thing watching a child create...and enjoy doing it. The night goes pretty quickly getting four classes of kids that's nice too. We are doing an island theme this year and the kids LOVE it! Really has them interested. Even if only 1 child finds Jesus it'll be worth it.

After doing crafts this year I began to think maybe I should have become an art teacher. Not that I think I'm that great at teaching, but I enjoy watching kids use their minds to create stuff. I guess that's why Austin (my oldest) tickles me so cause he is so craetive and loves art and crafts.

On other things...boys have 15 days until school...honestly after this week I'm ready...boys have been BEARS this week..pickin' on each other and just getting on each other's well as Mommy's. But it saddens me too cause it means it's back to routines, early mornings, fights with homework and tears over school...not looking forwards to Brennan starting 2nd grade. At their school there really isn't a great 2nd grade teacher...I pray for him that this year goes fast and smoothly...Please keep him in your prayers too if you could...he's my sensitive one and I'm just praying that he makes it through with as few tears as possible.

That also means that Colton will be home alone with Mommy...only for a little while. I'll be watching the twins again 3 days a week beginning Sept 7th cause their Mommy is going back to school to be a teacher. So Colton will at least have someones to play with and I'll have a little extra $$ which is nice.

Well sorry for the long post...can you tell I had coffee tonight??? Have a great week folks!

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