August 13, 2006

God blesses those who do His work...

I just have to say it for the thousandth time today....I am so proud of my son Austin!!!! Of course as most of you know we had Vacation Bible School this week. Well they had a challenge for the kids that the top three people who brought the most friends with them to Bible School would win a cool prize...and cool prizes they were this year...a 13" flat screen TV, a neat CD player and a water slide...well my Austin was pumped and determined to bring kids to Bible School so he started asking his friends in the neighborhood and his cousins. When he found out later in the week that he was "in the running" to win a prize...he worked even harder...calling kids from school (himself!) and asking them to Bible School...though ever person he called...all 13 of them were either not home or couldn't/wouldn't come. He was so discouraged. Then the only friend that he thought he had lined up to come the last day bailed on him at the last minute...he (and I) were a bit discouraged Friday, though he was pretty proud of the people he brought anyway. We pretty much thought there was no way that he would get a prize. Well this morning they announced the winners (who had to be present to win) and needless to say he did it...he won 3rd place!! I was so proud of him...they let the other two pick what prize they want and what was left was what Austin got...which is exactly what he wanted...can you guess what it was??? I am so in awe that God blesses those who make an effort for His kingdom...God is so GOOD! I'm so happy for Austin and he's in seventh heaven right now.

We had Colton's b-day party Saturday...(yes it has been quite a weekend!!). Can you guess what the theme was??? Colton was so excited...he so loved the Cars movie...his bed currently is sporting Cars sheets & Comforter, he pretty much got most of the Cars things...he was so happy too. It's hard to believe that my little baby turns 4 tomorrow...where does the time go?? He's so stinkin' rotten (and cute...which is his saving grace let me tell ya)!

Well needless to say I skipped church tonight to play and rest with the boys since this past week was dedicated to VBS...I'm officially pooped! I should sleep good tonight!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Only 10 more days until school....not sure whether to be happy or sad...well later peeps!

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Jada's Gigi said...

How fun for Austin!! Good for him! and Colton's birthday the same week as VBS!?!? Yikes! I hope you did sleep well last'll be glad for school when it rolls around but my those first couple of weeks used to kill me! :)