August 25, 2006

Thank God for honest friends

I guess...Was talking to a friend today...a very honest friend who will tell me the truth...not just what they think they want me to hear...I am dealing with an issue with someone and honestly asked my friend their opinion...and bless her heart she was honest. Though I love honesty sometimes it's hard to swallow isn't it?? I knew in the back of my mind that the person in question was someone I most likely would have to approach and air my feelings to, which is just not me...but I knew because of the issues I was having that it was the truth. It's hard though...I always feel like the bad guy in these situations. Thing is this situation has affected my spiritual walk...and I know Satan loves that...and that I've allowed it...and now I have to confront it...but it is so hard for me, cause the person I'm confronting has a very strong personality and can be very defensive. As my friend said though...God will never give you more than you can handle...not only that He will give you the strength and words to get through it...if I earnestly pray about it. So true...and I know I need to do it...just not sure how or I hate that when I think my feelings are justified, that I know in my heart I'm just hurting myself.....lessons in life...gotta love 'em. I know my attitude has been negative in many ways lately too...this needs to be addressed...not without lots of prayer and thought first of course...God grant me the strength, words and right timing to make things right in your eyes and in my heart. And I do thank you for placing honest friends in my life.

Thanks for listening.

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Jada's Gigi said...

Ahh yes, honest blunt I've been put into that category many times...or maybe just the blunt category...haha...Well confrontation is a hard thing but it certainly does clear the air. I would suggest that you try to deal with yourself before the Lord first then go to your friend in a quiet spirit. One thought....questions usually work wonders for opening a converstaion without sounding confrontational or mean....I'll be praying...