August 23, 2006

First Day Of School...all the way around ;-)

Well believe it or not summer is officially over for started another school year. Went last night to the school Open House to get the boys's desks set up, meet their teachers and all...God answered our prayers as far as teachers went...thanks LORD!! Only glitch we ran into was that they put Austin and his cousin next to each other which we knew would never work...the poor teacher would never get any teaching done so we remedied that real quick and so far everything seems good. Austin and Brennan came home in a good mood, got their homework done barking from me (another praise Jesus there) and they are off playing their Gameboys. Austin even said his first day was GREAT...a huge relief to hear since he really wasn't looking forward to going back. Brennan also is opening up so well and blossoming so much...last night he went right up to his teacher and said hi...before he would have hidden behind my legs and held on for dear life...I was so very proud of him. I think they were ready to go back.

My twin girls started preschool at the Christian School in town everyone is growing up too quickly...

I decided to keep Colton at home and teach him myself instead of doing the preschool thing. Today was our first day and surprisingly it went really well...We started after the boys left for school, started with some Art (coloring) then moved on to learning about the letter "I"...then onto learning about the color Red...then reviewing our numbers 1-5...he can count to fourteen, but I wanted to help him with recognizing which number is what. I even packed him a lunchbox like the boys and we and the neighbors ate our lunches was cute with Colton and the twins with their little lunchboxes. We then had Gym class outside (jumping on the trampoline and running) and then had Recess was a good day. I think Colton enjoyed learning like a big boy. It's so hard to watch how fast time flies...way too fast.

So here are a few more pics from our first day back into the ole' routine. Hope you had a blessed day!

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Jada's Gigi said...

You're a brave homeschooling for me! lol of course I did teach them all their letters, numbers and colors so I guess I did a little home schooling. Sorry that summer is done for you but glad everyone was ready to get back to the routine. It will be hot here for weeks yet though school is back in session. Enjoy you one little one still at home!
hey I really liked that link you left me yesterday! Thanks