July 4, 2006

We interrupt the "Cave Pics"....

Happy July 4th all! Well I don't know how your weather was, but ours was rainy...loved it this morning though...I was praising God for the rain...I had the window open...listening to the rain...feeling the cool breeze and drifting in and out of conciousness...it felt so good!

Anyways...due to the rain my family canceled their picnic, so we ended up just veggiing around the house all day doin' the lazy thing. I spent most of my time scrapbooking....here's some of what I did... posted some on the Two Peas website.... it's kind of funny in a ways....I hardly get any pea-nut praise on there...not that that is what I'm there for...the site inspires me, I just keep hoping I will one day be as good as some of those gals on there. Anyways it felt good to scrap some and just have a leisurely day. Hope you had a good day yourself.

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