July 11, 2006

Hard to believe that summer is half over..and other randomness

Was thinking today that summer is over half over already....though we went to Hocking Hills for a few days, we haven't done a whole lot yet this summer and that depresses me...hoping to play more and have more fun...life just seems to get in the way a lot...going to my sister's tomorrow...hopefully the boys will play with their cousins and it will be a good day for them.

Had a "date" day with my son Brennan yesterday...it was nice it just being him and I. The boys were starting to get "tired" of each other if you know what I mean...the oldest, Austin, went with the neighbor lady to play video games and see Superman, and Colton went next door to play with the twins...so it was just Brennan and I. Brennan is my shy and tender-hearted one so it was nice to spend one-on-one time with him cause he seems to always be overshadowed by the other boys. We went to McDonald's and picked up lunch and then went to Lake Park (a lake near us) and had a picnic lunch. We then tossed the football and frisbee for a little while and then he wanted to go to Wal-Mart so he could get the new Nintendo DS game he wanted...and since he's been helping me around the house I said yes. He was in seventh heaven...he's so easy to please...he's always telling me almost everyday, "Mom, this is the best day ever." I hope he continues to have a lot of "best day evers". He's my sweetheart...and I'm biased.

I ask for your prayers...my Uncle Patrick is in the hospital. He had triple bypass surgery on Friday, and though he was doing OK, yesterday I got a call saying that his lungs were filling up with fluid, he was pulling out his tubes and being very uncooperative with the medical staff. They had to sedate him and he may also need a pacemaker if his heart doesn't start beating regularly. They took him off the morphine so he's in a lot of pain...he also is probably going through withdrawls cause of not having his cigarettes or alcohol for the past week...though I hate to say that, but it's true. He is only 44 and he's giving up. He's had a rough life it seems and I feel bad for him...he doesn't know Jesus and he lives in Miami, FL. Please pray for his recovery, but most of all that someone shares Jesus with him before it's too late.

Well have to get up early for boy's doctor's appts. tomorrow (just check-ups) and hopefully some fun. Hope you are having a great summer!

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Jada's Gigi said...

I hate realizing that summer is half over...it is so well defined when the kids are in school...maybe you'll fill the rest up with fun stuff and just hanging...then eveyone will be ready for back to school...haha

So nice to have some one on one with your middle one...they do get overshadowed sometimes don't they? They need xtra TLC..:) He sounds like a real sweetie...with his best day ever mentality...